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Recently Asked Questions

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online “OVERSEAS & other”

    • I am a UK citizen, but I live in Spain. I’m about to sell a house that I inherited. The house is in Ireland. So my question is about where is the best place to put the proceeds of the sale. |

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online City of London

    • I’m subject to an enquiry from HMRC on foreign life insurance withdrawal payment received for which i would like to know what is my situation |

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online United Kingdom

    • Hi, I’m a British citizen from 2012. If i want to transfer funds from India (sale of property) to a UK bank, is there any tax implications. If there is a tax then is there any way i can transfer money from overseas. Thanks

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online “OVERSEAS & other”

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online London

    • How can I be an air bnb host In London on a house I own via a mortgage and stay legal and tax compliant. I would be renting out my whole house roughly 3 nights per month. Thank you! |

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online East Midlands

    • If I sell my property abroad I will pay 12% of total sales price in local tax. Will local tax be used to counteract UK capital gains tax. |

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online South West England

    • Thanks for your help in advice.

      Would you know how GooglePlay earnings are viewed in terms of where the money is earned? My rudimentary understanding is that Google sells your app for you and then sends the your cut to a specified bank account once a month. Therefore, an American company is paying me. Am i right? This is international trade? What implications does it have for my tax situation? |
  •    Type of Work you Require Hampshire

    • We have found a buyer for a property we have rented out for the last 15 years. The buyer’s solicitor has asked us to find out the cost of extending the lease, and we can only do that by engaging a valuer. Q. Is the cost of such a valuer regarded as a selling expense, and thus chargeable to CGT? |

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online London

    • Dear Tax Advisors,

      I would like to set up my own proprietary trading firm to trade my own capital on the financial markets. I was currently operating on a sole trader basis, but I think the time has come to proceed further because of the many advantages a LTD can provide. I would like to consult with a tax advisor about the requirements and processes regarding how to handle the initial capital of the company, payouts, dividends, capital gains and the possible expenses (e.g. home office supplies and desk rental fees)
  •    Uk Tax Advice Online UK

    • Hi, I would like to gain some confirmation from experts as to how BIK tak will impact my take home pay. I currently take a cash car allowance but am considering taking a company car. I would like to know how i can calculate my take home pay when introducing BIK. Am i correct that: for example: Current Salary is £50,000 Current Tax Code = 887L (£8,870) Taxable pay is = £41,130 (£31,865 @20% and £9,265 @40%) To calculate the BIK impact do I just decrease my personal allowance by the annual BIK in this case £2,352 so new calculations will be: Current Salary is £50,000 Personal Allowance = £6,518 Taxable pay is = £43,482 (£31,865 @20% and £11,617 @40%) thus increasing the amount of tax i pay at 40%. I will obviously take into account NI as well as other benefits and reduce my car allowance amount. But, is this approach correct? Appreciate your help on this

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Get your Accounts and Tax Return completed by qualified accountant from just £120!



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