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i need information about opening an english one man company and other infomation about taxes etc.

I am an italian psychologist, i work online from home (no employees), i do online counselling. I live in Budapest but still have italian residence. I would like to open an english company. I plan to be much below 82000 pounds per year so i don’t need a Vat number as i understood.
In that case i am not obliged also to give invoice to my clients?
How much percent will be my yearly tax rate?
Do i have to pay also taxes where i have the residence or where i live?
What will be the things that i have to do every year to arrange taxes?

Thank you

Uk Tax Return preston

I am in uk on ICT Long term work permit for more than 3.5 years and obviously on PAYE scheme with my annual gross not more than 50k salary. I had registered for self assessment after a year ignorantly and after which I was asked to file tax return. None of my colleagues are required to do this and I think since registering self assessment, I have been asked to file tax return. I got late filing penalty this time which I am very much frustrated as I am the only person amongst my colleagues getting this. Though HMRC guidlines says I don’t need one, since I am here on assignment I was said to do that. Your assistance would be greatful to clarify whether I have to do a self assessment tax return |

Uk Tax Advice Online “OVERSEAS & other”

Do I need to pay uk income tax on earnings abroad? Below are details:
Dates in UK:
06/04/14 – 04/09/14
15/09/14 – 29/09/14
19/12/14 – 03/01/15
Nights in transit x 1
Dates worked in UK
06/04/14 – 08/08/14
35 hours per week.

Please can you help advise me on whether I am classed as a UK citizen or not and whether I would need to pay UK income tax on my earnings in Brazil between 01/10/14 – 27/03/15.
Thanks |

Uk Tax Advice Online Nottinghamshire

My parents are selling their house, they plan to give £100,000 to my sister as a ‘gift’. The plan was for the funds from the sale of their house to go into their account, then for them to transfer £100,000 to my sisters bank account. Their estate agent seemed to believe that this latter transer would attract a tax charge of 22%. My question: Is there a process they can use to avoid having to pay tax on the transfer between the two accounts?