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Welcome to UKtaxadvisors.com - We are regulated by The Chartered Institute of Taxation. Get your Accounts and Tax Return completed by qualified accountant from just £120!

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Recently Asked Questions

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online Wales

    • Please advise if a Spouse can be held liable for her husbands tax arrears. I have a appointment with the IR in 2 weeks time and need clarification so I know how i stand |

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online West Midlands

    • I just left my first job in December n start my second job in feb…and my tax for this job is 40percent…can i get a return if i put a claim in? |

  •    Uk Tax Return preston

    • I am in uk on ICT Long term work permit for more than 3.5 years and obviously on PAYE scheme with my annual gross not more than 50k salary. I had registered for self assessment after a year ignorantly and after which I was asked to file tax return. None of my colleagues are required to do this and I think since registering self assessment, I have been asked to file tax return. I got late filing penalty this time which I am very much frustrated as I am the only person amongst my colleagues getting this. Though HMRC guidlines says I don’t need one, since I am here on assignment I was said to do that. Your assistance would be greatful to clarify whether I have to do a self assessment tax return |

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online “OVERSEAS & other”

    • I have been an expat since 2008 my flat in London is currently rented out I do not know when I will return to the uk I would like to know what my capital gains liability would be if I returned to the uk There is currently a gain o approx 200 k since purchase and the flat has been rented out since 2008 |

  •    Type of Work you Require Harrow , Middlesex, London

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online “OVERSEAS & other”

    • Do I need to pay uk income tax on earnings abroad? Below are details: Dates in UK: 06/04/14 – 04/09/14 15/09/14 – 29/09/14 19/12/14 – 03/01/15 Nights in transit x 1 Dates worked in UK 06/04/14 – 08/08/14 35 hours per week.

      Please can you help advise me on whether I am classed as a UK citizen or not and whether I would need to pay UK income tax on my earnings in Brazil between 01/10/14 – 27/03/15. Thanks |
  •    Uk Tax Advice Online Nottinghamshire

    • My parents are selling their house, they plan to give £100,000 to my sister as a ‘gift’. The plan was for the funds from the sale of their house to go into their account, then for them to transfer £100,000 to my sisters bank account. Their estate agent seemed to believe that this latter transer would attract a tax charge of 22%. My question: Is there a process they can use to avoid having to pay tax on the transfer between the two accounts?

  •    Uk Tax Return South East England

    • I need urgent assistance completing foreign income part of UK tax return (over 1 week late)as I have french savings and 1 rental property in France as I lived in the country for 6 years before returning to UK |

  •    Uk Tax Return West London

    • I just start working with a screeding company and I pay 30% taxes.I applied for self employmant and would like to know more about the taxes that I pay,how and when I can apply for return tax.Thankyou |

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online Swansea

    • Im getting married in April and need to make a decision regarding our property for our options especially regarding tax purposes.I have 2 house, one is a student let with a BTL mortgage of £150,000 left and the other my primary residence. that has the mortgage already paid off. My partner has one property. We’d like to buy together but are unsure what to do with the properties. If we rent three and not sell any, how does this affect our tax? Should we sell all three? Could you advise us what our options are please. |

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We are a team of tax advisers and accountants. Our role is to provide well thought through tax consultations and tax advice where applicable to you. We also provide a wide range of accounting and financial advice services.

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Present your request in your own way– quick & easy. Make a short and clear, yet very informative request and this will be forwarded to the right department. An accountant or financial advisor or tax advisor will contact you to start a discussion to provide you a solution.

If you have any documents for Posting - please send us to our main office:

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If you have any queries or additional questions / comments please email us on info@uktaxadvisors.com

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Get your Accounts and Tax Return completed by qualified accountant from just £120!
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