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With all the changes in the UK, it can be confusing to know whether you have tax to pay and if so, how much.  It is therefore important that you are able to ask questions to make sure you are conducting your UK affairs in the correct manner.

UKtaxadvisors.com is part of Churchill Taxation Limited, which has a team of experts who can provide you with advice on tax efficient structuring through to ensuring you meet your UK tax obligations.  We provide a high level service (that is rarely available outside of the large accountancy firms) for a value-for-money fee.

Are you coming to the UK and want to structure your affairs efficiently but whilst meeting your UK obligations?  CONTACT US

Are you leaving the UK and want to ensure that you are non-resident? Do you want advice on being dual resident? CONTACT US

Are you caught by the new changes for non-domiciled individuals?   CONTACT US

Are you confused by the new Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) rules and whether they apply to you?  CONTACT US

Do you have an offshore structure that you want to understand and ensure isn’t stacking up problems for the future?  CONTACT US

Are you selling a UK residential property and confused by the new CGT for non-residents? CONTACT US

We quote for all work up front.  Our fees are based on a charge-out rate of £200 plus VAT per hour.

Simply email us your requirements on info@uktaxadvisors.com or contact us using the contact us page HERE.

Present your request in your own way– quick & easy.

Avoid hunting for uninterested or non-qualified accounting firms or advisors. Simply email us your requirements on info@uktaxadvisors.com or using the contact us page HERE .

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    1. There is now a charge on UK residential property owned by non-residents. There is an uplift to 5 April 2015 available. It is therefore worth obtaining professional advice if you fall into the new rules.

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