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I have received a letter from HMRC relating to an underpayment. HMRC have opened a tax investigation into my tax affairs and asked to provide them with a range of business records. What should I do?

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    If you have received a letter from HMRC opening a tax investigation into your affairs please do not panic or worried and never put the letter off any longer. There’s no need to expect the worst. However the most important thing to remember whenever experiencing a tax investigation by HMRC is to get professional representation. An investigation can be a long and drawn out process, stretching over a two year period, sometimes long term, hence a finding an affordable and competent tax expert will save you the hassles of dealing with HMRC for 2 or so years.

    Therefore we would advise that you do not submit anything before appointing a reputable accountant or adviser who specialises in this field to ensure your interests are protected. And do not discuss your tax affairs with anyone but a your adviser – I know there is a temptation to offload your woes to friends or at the pub.

    HMRC has strict regulations it must adhere to and we can support you in this process by checking that they are allowed to ask for the records they are requesting, during your tax investigation. Here are some few tips to help you during this process:

    1. Don’t lie assuming HMRC know nothing.
    2. Don’t do partical disclosure.
    3. Don’t destroy evidence.
    4. Do not to meet with HMRC during a tax investigation and don’t allow your staff to meet with HMRC – let your adviser deal with HMRC (HMRC will always try to persuade you to meet with them). Avoid direct contact with HMRC during your tax investigation unless forced by law.

    Your tax adviser will negotiate with HMRC during your tax investigation to calculate any additional tax due and discuss fair HMRC tax penalties. Penalties range from 10% (for a careless mistake on a tax return) to about 40% (for greatly understated profits or a deliberate omission of income from a tax return).

    Our tax advisors are very experienced in dealing with HMRC tax investigations and can assist you with the whole process. Email us on info@uktaxadvisors.com and chat with of our experienced tax investigation partners.


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