I work for a company based in Dubai, I work 28 days on / off for an off shore drilling company. My company pays the local UAE tax, what are my tax implications in the UK ?? I will be living in UK on my time off.

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  1. Unfortunately if you are living in UK for more than 90 days even if you have a full time job overseas, you are likely to remain UK tax resident. Even with the new statutory residence test, you are considered a UK tax resident.

    Being a UK tax resident means you still liable for UK tax on your worldwide income and gains. However tax paid in UEA is allowed as a credit to avoid double tax on the same income.Other factors taken into account is whether you have any ties in UK – home, family etc. Furthermore factors such as whether you were a UK tax resident in the past 2-3 years also contribute towards the final decision.

    However should you have more information about the other factors i listed above, we can assist you further.

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