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Recently Asked Questions

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online Swansea

    • Im getting married in April and need to make a decision regarding our property for our options especially regarding tax purposes.I have 2 house, one is a student let with a BTL mortgage of £150,000 left and the other my primary residence. that has the mortgage already paid off. My partner has one property. We’d like to buy together but are unsure what to do with the properties. If we rent three and not sell any, how does this affect our tax? Should we sell all three? Could you advise us what our options are please. |

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online West Somerset

    • Hello, I’m working 34,5 hours at week as a nurse with a permanent job but also I started doing agency shifts as a second job. Actually I’m paying more than 40% in my second one but I would like to know if I can work as a limited company ( my agency ask me before to join them) and what is the best in my situation. Thanks |

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online Slovakia

    • Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to go into contact with you. It could be very helpful to clarify the following question. This is the basis to establish a UK limited or not.

      It relates to VAT. We are working in the educational sector. Together with universities we create PhD. programs for managers. In particular, we offer the following assistance: Help finding a dissertation topic Help writing of “abstract” for the entrance exam, if Necessary Search for a university and doctoral supervisor Client preparation for the entrance examination, if Necessary Personal accompaniment to the university or the organization of a local representative at the admission test Support of the presentation preparation for the acceptance as a PhD. student, if Necessary Willingness to help if problems with professors or universities Occur Willingness to offer advice for the dissertation success The universities are responsible for everything. We are supporting them. The student receives his diploma from the faculty. The question is therefore whether we are VAT exempt with this business model? |
  •    Type of Work you Require Greater London

    • I have a question… I am a Spanish national married to a UK national and currently living in Madrid after spending more than 6 years in London. I left in 2012. If I tell my bank that I am no longer resident in the UK for tax purposes (having received a letter regarding my ISA), what does this mean in general, for my bank accounts (do I need to close them?) and also for any property I own in London?

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online “OVERSEAS & other”

    • Hi, I live in France but let out several properties in UK. Looking for ways to be more tax efficient. My wife and I both work full time.

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online Merton

    • Hello. We as a business are closing down and selling our land to a developer. The business owns 1 building and my father the other. The money that we get will need to be split between my mum and dad, my brother and myself. I think that the business….eg me, will get entrepenure relief at 10% but my dad will incur CGT at 28%. is their any way of reducing this part of our collective monies and also are their any other taxes needed to be taken into account like VAT? Many thanks |

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online “OVERSEAS & other”

    • My husband and I left the UK in July 2009 and have been non resident since then. We sold our house in the UK in September 2013. We have to file a tax return as we were non resident landlords for 2013/14. As we will have been out of the country 5 full tax years by April 2015 do we have to report capital gains in this year’s tax return? |

  •    Uk Tax Return “OVERSEAS & other”

    • Hi,

      I was in UK during the 2013-14 year. Though I had submitted the rent receipts for my complete stay, my employer has considered my accommodation allowance as taxable and deducted the tax based on the same. The P60 from my employer too reflects the amount as taxable. I have now filed my tax return but would like to know how I can get the refund for the excess tax I have paid. I have all the documents with me including P45, P60, Salary slips, rent agreement in UK, and Rent receipts for my complete stay in the UK. Thanks, Manan |
  •    Uk Tax Advice Online “OVERSEAS & other”

    • If I sell digital products to the UK from a company from outside of the EU, do I need to pay VAT to my suppliers and charge VAT from my customers? |

  •    Uk Tax Advice Online “OVERSEAS & other”

    • Hi I am registered as self employed in UK and my tax return for 13/14 is due at the end of the month but I moved to the USA on a 5 year E1 Visa towards the end of July 13. I have only been back in the UK for around 2 weeks since. I have income from a property I rent in the UK. What do I have to declare to complete my UK tax return properly. |

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